Combine Greece and Turkey on the same Trip

Check out our tips and get to know the wonders of Greece and Turkey on the same trip.

Many tourists who want to know the sights of Greece add Turkey in the list, thanks to the close proximity of the two destinations. Anyone who travels through Greece and Turkey on the same trip , has the opportunity to meet some of the oldest and most exotic cities in the world, enjoy great beaches and emerge in a world of culture and customs very different from what we know.

Bordered by the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, Turkey and Greece represent a Europe that surprises by the mixture of eccentric landscapes and thousands of years of history, art and culture. The travel list begins in the city of Athens , the capital of Greece, and cradle of Western civilization. It then passes through the Greek islands of Mykonos and Santorini, and continues towards Turkey, continuing in the natural pools of Pamukkale , in the interior of the country, also making a visit to Cappadocia and Istanbul.

To optimize the travel time, the tourist normally chooses the airfares arriving in Athens and leaving for Istanbul. This is a recommended itinerary for various traveler profiles, whether for those seeking those destinations on a honeymoon trip, for families or groups of friends who want to get to know another side of Europe, in an authentic itinerary.

Turkey and Greece receive thousands of tourists every year and many of them take the opportunity to create a route visiting the two countries on the same trip.

Beauties of Greece

The journey begins in the charming city of Athens, Greece. Considered the cradle of Western civilization, the city is a perfect blend of old and modern, housing a lot of monuments and historic buildings scattered in an organized and well-developed European metropolis. Among the main tourist attractions are the Parthenon and the citadel of the Acropolis, located in the highest part of the city.

The most common way to travel to the islands of Mykonos and Santorini is by air or sea from Athens. If you have a few days in your schedule, I suggest you get to know one or two islands and go by plane or speedboat (more expensive). The ferry companies in Greece are Helenic Seaways , Blue Star and Sea Jets .

The first stop is Mykonos, island full of beaches with clear sand and waters with an impressive shade of blue. Known worldwide for its whitewashed houses with blue, the city is considered the heart of the Cycladic islands.

Then the stop is the majestic Santorini, the most famous of the Greek islands. In Santorini, you can choose between staying in Óia or Fira. Strolling the lanes and alleys decorated with colorful flowers, tasting the exotic beaches of Red Beach and White Beach, and contemplating the sunset plunge into the Aegean, are the most suitable programs for those visiting the destination.

Turkey: meeting two continents in the same country

The arrival in Turkey is done by air, leaving from Mykonos, towards Istanbul. Istanbul is one of the most historic cities that combines old and modern world vibes. It was founded more than 2600 years ago and was once called Byzantium and Constantinople. Istanbul is an ancient and at the same time contemporary city, full of ramparts, palaces and mosques, which share space with modern constructions and monumental bridges. You need to spend at least 3-4 days visiting historical sites such as Blue Mosque, and diving into shopping crazyniess in Grand Bazaar. Then, the journey continues towards Denizli, the southwestern district of the country, which is close to one of the main tourist attractions of the country: the natural pools of Pamukkale. The attraction is situated on a huge white limestone mountain and has a curious shape that resembles steps. The waters have an average temperature of 35ºC and contain curative properties.

For many, Cappadocia is the grand highlight of a trip to Turkey . The region that has been inhabited for thousands of years by various civilizations, has natural and historical beauties. The region is composed of several cities and towns, the most famous being the city of Göreme.

Formed by colorful valleys, folds and interesting rock formations, known as Fairy Chimneys, Cappadocia is well known for the classic balloon ride flying over the region.

To enjoy the destination well enough; knowing the main sights, taste the most varied dishes of Turkish cuisine and get to buy some souvenirs on the way back home.

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