Similar Town to Positano? Here you go Alacati – Turkey

Alaçatı is a place that warms the heart of people with its magnificent stone houses, flowering streets that smell of history, pristine texture and quality places. Alaçatı is one of the most popular town in Turkey with its narrow cobbled streets overshadowed by bougainvillea hanging from houses stone walls.

The old Aegean village of Alaçatı is one of the most elite tourism spots in the country. With its famous herb festival, concept boutique hotels, antique shops, exquisite beaches all around, surf schools, narrow stone streets, lively entertainment life and local flavors, Alaçatı streets are an attraction center.

Alaçatı, whose fame has exceeded the borders of the country, has become a town that smells of olives and lavender with stone houses converted into small hotels, shops and cafes and restaurants in less than 10 years. Restoring the old Alacati houses from the Greeks and settling in is a new way of life. The population is eight thousand in winter and fifty thousand in summer.

Located right in the middle of the Aegean Sea coast, in the south of the Çeşme Peninsula, the town of Alaçatı is also famous for its bougainvillea stone houses and windsurfing. The first thing that stands out in Alaçatı is the unchanged architectural texture. It’s as if it’s still the old lively Greek village.

On both sides of Kemalpaşa and Hacımemiş streets covered with cobbled stones, flashy houses and shops are lined up. The front facade of the houses leads to the street and the back side opens to gardens or courtyards. It is not possible to walk comfortably in these two main streets with high heels, keep in mind.

The town, with its narrow streets and windmills, has a unique atmosphere. Hacı Memiş is one of the most popular places in Alaçatı. Turkey’s one of the most beautiful streets for me.

The historical residential architectural concept in Alacati consists of two-storey houses in Turkish and Greek architectural styles. Masonry stone structures made of local stone have made Alaçatı quite beautiful in terms of aesthetics.

Alaçatı is getting more colorful every day. Despite some negativity about increasing prices (for almost everyhting), there is no another place in Turkey that could be competing with Cesme Alacati’s concept.

Alaçatı is also located in a protected SIT area which means modifications to existing buildings or building new ones requires city approval. In July 2006, 1763 buildings in three neighborhoods with the traditional architectural were registered.

Like the sea and wind of Alaçatı, its narrow streets are full of surprises. You witness the cultural richness of the region in the streets, mosques and antique shops of Alaçatı.

Feel the joy of stepping in knowing the culture and history of the area while exploring the charming streets and discover the beauties of this impressive settlement.

Alaçatı hotels are scattered all over the town. Many are close to the center, where the crowd fills the streets lined with stone houses. Most of these boutique hotels serve bed and breakfast.

Away from a commercial business mentality, Alaçatı boutique hotels, which welcome visitors coming to their homes as a guest, catch their attention with their breakfast, the unique design of their rooms, the historical texture and the beauty of their gardens.

Alaçatı organizes Herb Festival every April to promote its natural riches. The festival organizes award-winning and entertaining competitions, as well as delicious dishes made with herbs from Alaçatı.

The nearest airport to Alaçatı is located in İzmir. Cesme shuttles departing from Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport make transportation very easy. Those who do not want to use these shuttle services provided by airline companies can make transfer to İZBAN and metro, go to Bornova or Üçkuyular bus station and take Çeşme buses and go to Alaçatı.

Sığacık, Seferihisar, Özdere and other near by villages have direct bus to Çeşme first, then you can take the minibuses to Alaçatı.

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