The Most Expensive Greek Island: Mykonos

Mykonos is one of the most popular holiday destinations among the Greek Islands, famous for its cosmopolitanism. Mykonos is an exquisite island where Sardinia and lilies adorned whitewashed houses with blue windows and terraces. Even those who have never stepped on the streets of the island have an idea about Mykonos because of the photos circulating on instagram. A sparkling sea, chic restaurants, beach clubs where entertainment never ends is a complete holiday route.

According to classical Greek mythology, the giants which Hercules killed in a brutal war are buried under the Mykonos granites on this island. The name Mykonos means rock mass or rocky. According to the belief of later times, the name of the island is based on a hero named Mykonos. Mykonos, known as the son of Anios, king of Delos, son of Rhoio, the fairy of Apollo and Dionysus.

Mykonos is one of the first touristly developing Greek islands. Mykonos is known as the most visited and the most expensive Greek island. The tourist development of the island has increased rapidly since the 1950s. What makes Mykonos unique is its glamorous nature and characteristic traditional architectural structure with the texture of the Aegean.

Today, Mykonos nightlife is considered one of the most vibrant nightlife in Europe. The most vibrant nightlife in the entire Aegean Sea is experienced here during the summer season. The main visitors of the island are the world jet society. As much as Santorini is suitable for couples, the island of Mykonos is just as ideal for single travelers.

Mykonos Attractions

Keep in mind that Mykonos will be incredibly crowded in July and August. The island population of 10 thousand rises to over 100 thousand during this period. Imagine a crowd worse than Alacati weekend crowd. If you want to get away from the crowded centers of the island, keep Kalogera, Malamatenias, Agiou Gerasimou, Andronikou and Panachrato streets in mind. These places are more secluded and spacious.

When you come to Mykonos, you have no choice but to walk everywhere. Driving is forbidden because of small streets. You can use the buses from a terminal called Fabrica to reach the beach and you can reach more than one beach from here.

Mykonos Island is an island with its 15 beaches. Malalianos Beach and Tourlos Beach closest to Mykonos harbor are crowded and attracting a lot of attention. It is recommended that you take the buses from the port to Platys Gialos beach and take the boats to the best beaches of Mykonos, Paradise, Super Paradise, Agrari or Elia. Super Paradise has nude camp concept. Elia is the most quiet beach on the island since it is at the end.

1. Chora
The Chora is a large bay with narrow street mazes with Cycladic architecture, houses and churches adorned with white strips surrounding the harbor. This place is also known as Mykonos Town, the heart of the island. One of the most cosmopolitan and crowded towns of the Aegean. Although the streets are lined with small shops, boutiques, art galleries, cafes, dessert bars and restaurants, the town of Mykonos has managed to maintain its traditional style. Despite the rapid development of the island, thanks to controlled construction, the Cycladic architectural elements and character have been preserved. The most beautiful shops of the island are located on Matoyianni Street. See the area known as Little Venice, where former captains used to live. Don’t end your holiday without stopping by the windmills at Mykonos’ symbol of Chora to watch the unique sunset.

2. Paraportiani Church
Paraportiani Church, one of the most photographed places on Mykonos Island, is considered one of the most beautiful architectural works of the Franco-Swiss architect Le Corbusier. It is located at the entrance of Kastro neighborhood by the sea. Paraportiani, meaning the second gate in Greek, consists of five small churches, some of which were built in the 13th century and some in the 16th and 17th centuries. The church dedicated to the Virgin Mary is a must-see for photographers.

3. Folklore Museum
If you like museums, visit the Mykonos Folkloer Museum. The Folklore Museum is located in the Kastro district of Mykonos, in the immediate vicinity of the Paraportiani Church. The museum building is a mansion dating back to the 1700s. Inside, there is a restored 19th-century classic furniture, ancient tools and ceramic artifacts, a kitchen and bedroom in its former form, as well as many antiques from these centuries. Perfectly completed engravings of the traditional Mykonos transport ships, traditional photographs and traditional musical instruments can be seen.

4. Archaeological Museum
Archaeological Museum of Mykonos was built in 1902. The archaeological museum is exhibiting pots, tombstones, pots, a statue of Hercules and a drink cup decorated with a scene from the historical Trojan War in Çanakkale, brought from the ancient Greek region of Delos.

5. Maritime Museum, Museum of Culture
The Aegean Maritime Museum offers a wide range of antique maritime equipment and amphorae, a museum of underwater finds such as old coins, etc. Excess of displays related to Turkey may surprise you.

You may also be interested in the Agricultural Museum (Mylos tou Boni). The cultural museum, an open-air museum, features traditional agricultural equipment. Examples of these tools, which are ruins of ancient Greece, are forging equipment, wells, furnaces and wine making tools. An important part of the museum is the ancient windmill still in operation

6. Efimerides Gallery
There are about thirty art galleries on the island. It is amazing that a holiday island has so many galleries. I’ve seen similar galleries in Positano, one of the most beautiful towns on the Amalfi Coast. They all feel like you’re walking around the exhibition in a contemporary art museum. Efimerides Gallery, opened in 2000 in the building of the former Greek news agency, exhibits contemporary art works by Greek artists.

7. Ano Mera Village
If you love authentic and quiet places, head to the village of Ano Mera, within the borders of Mykonos Municipality (Dimos), 7.5 kilometers from the center of the island. This ancient Greek village looks like a traditional Aegean town with its whitewashed houses. The Monastery of Tourliani Monastery, which itself is small, is considered large by the island.

8. Nammos Beach
Nammos Beach Club, one of the most beautiful beaches of Mykonos, is an ideal place to enjoy the sun, sea, sand. The beach, which is quite crowded, is in the mood for a full beach club. One of Mykonos’s most popular entertainment spots. The place of Greek celebrities, and therefore the paparazzis are swarming. The entertainment starts in the afternoon and is carried on the tables in the following hours. Night-time parties, non-stop entertainment, DJ performances… Reservation is a must before you go.

9. Ornos Beach
With its peaceful atmosphere, the large beach Ornos Beach is ideal for those who want a quieter day as a family-friendly beach, away from the noise, but sometimes it can be very crowded. The beach with shallow waters along the coast is ideal for children’s entertainment. There are sun loungers and umbrellas rented out along the beach. Located in the beautiful and sheltered bay of Ornos, Kuzina Beach Club is a property of Mykonos Ammos Hotel. Fantastic for sea pleasure. Buddha Bar Beach is another alternative place you should have in mind at Ornos Beach.

Next to Ornos Beach, there are many small fish restaurants lined up respectively, offering seafood at a much more economical price than other beaches. There are also many hotels, apartments, villas and pensions around the beach.

Fetelia and Kalafatis beaches will be enjoyed by those interested in windsurfing in Mykonos. Ftelia Beach is windy and choppy as it is open to the hub.

10. Island of Delos
Delos Island, only 6.5 km from Mykonos, is the most important archaeological site in the Cyclades, inversely proportional to the small surface area of ​​5 square kilometers. According to ancient Greek mythology, this is the birthplace of the goddess Artemis. Derived from the Greek kyklos, which means‘ circle, the cyclic was named in this way because of the circular posture of the other islands around Delos. It is worth seeing with its sparkling waters and natural beauties.

Don’t miss the magnificent Mykonos sunset.

Mykonos Island is the scene of the most beautiful sunsets you can see in the world. One of the most beautiful places to see the extraordinary view of the sun lost in the sea in the form of a flame sphere is Little Venice. Watch the historic windmills at the end of Little Venice until the sun disappears over the horizon.

There is a crazy sense of entertainment in Mykonos that starts in the afternoon and lasts until morning. Explore the unmistakable nightlife of Mikanos with its crazy parties that last until the first light of the morning. The most famous are Astra, Belvedere Bar, Interni, Ling Ling, Un Con Carne and Remezzo. Many of them, especially in July and August, requires a reservation.

If you have time to go to Mykonos, extend your holiday a little more and go to the other Greek island of Paros. This is a quieter island, with beautiful beaches, calm and decent. Even a holiday route covering the islands of Mykonos, Paros and Ios can be an exquisite plan. On the other hand, Ios Island looks like right before Mykonos became famous. Backpackers stay away from expensive Mykonos and go to Ios Island.

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