Things to Know About Red Light District in Amsterdam

Things to Know About Red Light District in Amsterdam

The world famous street in Amsterdam is known as the Red Lights Street or the neighborhood/district. For some, it is more famous than Amsterdam or Amsterdam got its fame because of this neighborhood. One of the reasons for many people to visit Amsterdam is the fact that drugs are legally used in the Red Light District.

Especially the young people living in England come to Red Light District on Friday and Saturday nights. You will see the English enjoying wildly almost all over the city. Not just Red Light, but all the bars and discos are getting full. I would especially recommend for the families with kids to be aware of this when making timing choices for visiting Amsterdam.

Where is Red Light District?

I can say Red Light is right in the heart of Amsterdam. It is a district that stretches from the Amsterdam train station to Dam Square. Not only the women in those red rooms; There are coffee shops that sells marijuana, sex shops, sex museums, and live sex shows in theaters. I will write the details below.

What kind of place is Red Light? Are you safe?

Red Light has a history since 1270. Since Amsterdam is a port city, this area, which is a frequent destination for seafarers, has become a center in Europe over time. They have been trying to shut down the Red Light District for years by religious organizations and have done so from time to time. Everywhere in this neighborhood, which is located on 6500 square meter area, is red. But there are purple lights in some shops. These purple colors multiply towards the back streets. These purple-lit rooms belong to transsexual sex workers.

Most of the women working in the Red Light District are university students studying in Amsterdam and surrounding cities. Just as hemp is legal, the sex trade made in the rooms on this street is legalized on condition that you pay the tax. The room is booked in advance to rent and is only used for one day.

What is Coffeeshop?

It is legal to use marijuana in these coffeshops which is abundantly found in the Red Light District. There are many different types of coffeeshops. The shops with Bob Marley figures are more preferred. The form of marijuana sales is not only cigarettes here. For non-smokers, they are also sold as mushrooms and cakes. Be aware of it but please do not use …

Do not think that these drugs are legal in other cities of Netherlands. It is not legal in other Dutch cities except Amsterdam. You can spend a long time in the police station if you carry or sell drugs in other Dutch cities.

Live Sex Theaters

You will see the theaters with the logo of an elephant.It is called “Theater” but this is a theater that is a bit different from what we know. There are live sex shows at these theaters where women and men form long lines to enter. The most noteworthy of these theaters is Casa Rosso.

What You Need to Know and Do not Do in the Red Light District:

Amsterdam and the Red Light District is the center of freedom, but there are things that should avoid. Please note that freedom has also a limit in this Red Light District. If you go off track, the police intervene instantly, and no explanation will save you. You are warned..

  • You can take pictures while walking in Red Light District. But do not take the pictures of the women who are in red rooms by the window. A civilian or under cover police may grab your arm while you think you secretly take it. There are plenty of civilian or under cover police on every side of the city. As I told you at the beginning, most of the women working on this street are people with normal lives. Most college students. They do not want to be decrypted too much.
  • Do not take mild drugs or similar things anywhere but Coffeeshops. You can see people selling on the street, even if they offer, say no and walk away. Some may even be civilian or under cover police.
  • Do not forget that red-lit rooms for women and purple lights for trannies.
  • Sex is only legal in Red Light rooms. So stay away from the men or women who are offering you on the street.
  • Alcohol consumption on the streets is prohibited. Absolutely go to a place to drink alcohol.
  • There are plenty of public urinals in the streets. You can use them. But do not think that you can be invisible under a tree.
  • If you see a colorful flagged place when you are visiting Amsterdam or Red Light neighborhood, this is a gay place.
  • It is legal to smoke drug in coffeeshops, but smoking cigarette is forbidden.

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