Göcek – Fethiye – Blue Voyage Route and Stops

If we want to list places that comes to mind for blue voyage cruises in Turkey, Göcek in the Gulf of Fethiye, hits the top of the list. It is a place where deep blue sea is in harmony with lush green forests, a gatherin place for those who want to get away from city life.

30 km northwest of Fethiye, Göcek is one of the most protected ports of the Gulf of Fethiye.

Göcek, which has been popular among the people interested in the sea, sailboats and yachts since the 1980s, is one of the most preferred blue cruise start routes on the Mediterranean coast. Göcek, whose economy is based on yachts, boats and marinas, puts a distance between themselves and one-day only tourism activities. Here you need more than a day to digest all the beauty that Gocek and its coast has to offer.

Göcek, a coastal settlement between Telmessos (Fethiye) and Kaunos (Dalyan), which was the two most developed cities of the Lycian civilization in the past, is located in a very lucky place in terms of historical and natural abundance. Rock tombs, monumental tombs and bath buildings dating from the Lycian Period to the present day are reflections of Göcek’s historical past.

Tersane Island, located off the coast of Göcek, stands out with its ancient ruins. The myths of Ikarus and Daidalos are thought to have taken place in Göcek. Göcek takes his first name Daidala (Daydala) from this mythological story.

Göcek Main Street

As in many holiday towns, Göcek has a main street with shops, restaurants and cafes. Göcek Çarşı Yolu Street, which joins Turgut Özal Street, is the center of the heart of Göcek. You can shop at the street where everyone visits this charming town at least once, relax in cafes and inhale the local atmosphere of life in Göcek.

D-Marin Göcek

D-Marin Göcek is the only beach in the center of Göcek and is one of the most important marinas of Göcek and the South Aegean. Located at the point where the Mediterranean coast meets the South Aegean coasts, D-Marin Göcek is a dreamy place with its private sandy beach brought from Egypt, accommodation facilities in pine forests and a marina with the capacity of 380 yachts.

The most important feature of the marina is that it is an environmentally sensitive facility within a special protection zone. The marina, where exciting yacht races take place every year, is a 5-minute walk from the Gocek Bazaar. You need to pay for entrance to the beach of the marina. There is no entrance fee for the places located on the upper section of the beach.

İnlice Beach

The nearest beach to Göcek other than the central D-Marin Göcek beach is in İnlice Quarter, 6 km away from Göcek center. There is no charge for entrance to Inlice Public Beach. With its lush jungle reaching down to the sea, the beach has a pleasant atmosphere for sea, sand and sun holidays. There is a small business on the beach that provides services such as sun beds, umbrellas, cafes, showers, changing cabins.

Bedri Rahmi Bay

Bedri Rahmi Bay, which is 17 km away from Gocek, is located within the boundaries of Dalaman. This place, which is one of the most preferred bays of yachters, was named after Bedri Rahmi Eyüpoğlu’s painting on a rock during the blue voyage. Bedri Rahmi Bay is surrounded by lush green hills surrounded by the deep blue sea.

Pig Island

Off the coast of Göcek, 12 km from the town, on the borders of Dalaman, Pig Island takes its name from wild pigs lived on the island in the past. Located on the route of blue cruise tours, Panço Bay is a region preferred by swimming and diving lovers with its clear and warm sea.

Tersane Island

Tersane Island, the largest island of Göcek Bay, takes its name from an old shipyard used during the Ottoman Period. The center of the island is accessed through a deep canal. This section, also known as Tersane Bay, is used for overnight stays and swimming breaks during boat trips and blue voyages.

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