Paragliding in Heavenly Oludeniz

Like Bodrum and Marmaris, Ölüdeniz is a another hot spot of Turkey . The small village with just over 4000 inhabitants, located near the city of Fethiye, is full of luxurious holiday homes and resorts on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Such demand is easy to explain: the incredible Blue Lagoon and Paragliding Flights.

The village of Ölüdeniz is a few kilometers away from the beach of the same name. Near the sea, which is reached by an asphalted road descending from a mountain range, another small village emerged, which receives the nickname “Ölüdeniz Beach” . It is here that the main attraction, the Blue Lagoon , with calm and crystalline waters, that change from the turquoise blue to the emerald green in the blink of an eye. The actual lagoon is located inside a protected area, Ölüdeniz National Park, open from 8 am to 8 pm.

It is necessary to pay a small fee to access the park (US $2 – $3), which is worth not only for the beach access, but also for the amenities. There are toilets, locker rooms, beach chairs and food stalls.

Everyone who goes to Blue Lagoon is looking for a relaxing time in this incredible place, surrounded by mountains. The calm waters are an invitation for water sports such as kayaking, available to be rented on site. Others prefer to stretch out on the sun loungers or by the lagoon and enjoy the look.

For a stunning place like this, there is nothing better than seeing Ölüdeniz from another angle. That is why the paragliding flights became the nickname of the city as one of the best paragliding centers in the world. The activity is so popular that it is difficult to take a picture that shows the sky without someone flying up there.

Start Your Journey

Specialized tour agencies for paragliding are everywhere, outside the park, in the center of the village. Prices range from $56 and $90. The tour includes the roundtrip shared van fees to the top of Babadag Mountain, flight with instructor, equipment and transport to the top of Babadağ mountain, of 1960 meters. Photos and videos offered by the tour agancies are not included in the package and you can pay up to twice the value of the flight to bring the souvenir home. It is recommended to bring your own camera to take videos or pictures of yourself.

Tandem Paragliding

The reason it is called tandem paragliding is because the instuctor also jump with you and he controls the paragliding while you enjoy the view.

Flying Experience

The journey to the top of Babadağ Mountain takes about an hour. But do not think it’s tiring. The van whirls through the winding roads to the top of the mountain and the views are breathtaking on the way up.

When reached to the top, almost 2,000 meters above sea level, the view is already jaw-dropping. Near the runway, there is a small bar, with good bathrooms and food structure.

After wearing the equipment, the fear and tension will go away in a second, as soon as you jump on that cliff edge into the incredible blue of the Mediterranean.

The descent to the beach can last up to 40 minutes. From the top it is possible to see the Butterfly Valley , a famous beach that is another attraction of the region, and, in the clearest days, even Rhodes can be seen, in Greece.

The perfect landing on a small green area takes place in the beach garden, in front of the main paragliding agencies.

After Landing

After so much excitement, take time to stroll along the streets perpendicular to the beach, full of bars, restaurants and shops. It does not take long for you to realize that the prices there are mostly in Pounds Sterling. This is because Ölüdeniz seems to have become one of the favorite destinations of the English, who bought and built houses there more than 20 years ago, when this paradise was still practically unknown.

Perhaps because of the currency or because this is a more exclusive resort, prices are much more inflated than in the rest of Turkey. Therefore, if the accommodation in Oludeniz goes out of your budget, you can take advantage of Ölüdeniz in just one day, and book a room in Fethiye, where hotel room prices are reasonable.


July and August , during the summer, are the peak season months, so expect higher prices. But they are also the hottest and days with practically no cloud. Also May , June and September have excellent weather, a little cooler than in the high summer. Because it is the half-season, the hotels are more empty and cheaper. Avoid Ramadan (variable date), a time when Muslims practice mandatory fasting during the day.

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