The Most Visited Italian Cities – Ultimate List

Historical cities, trendy nights, good food, fascinating landscape: know what Italy has the best

One of the most sought after destinations in Europe , Italy owns some of the most beautiful landscapes and monuments on the planet. Just stroll the streets to be amazed by stunning and irresistible scenarios. To help you know a little more about this country, we’ve listed some of the cities that most enchant and are an irresistible temptation to pack and embark on this adventure.


Located about three hours away from Rome , Florence is a unique city, because no other Italian city has the same historical wealth. No wonder, the city was an inspiration to many artists and is one of the most sought-after Italian cities by tourists.

Nothing better than a relaxing walk through the historic city center to settle in the capital of Tuscany . One of the postcards of the city is the Cathedral of Florence, a building that took centuries to be built and that for its beauty and richness of details received the title of Patrimony of the Humanity by Unesco for more than two decade. The construction, which is a true Gothic masterpiece, will make the trip even more unforgettable.

Those who are interested in art history can not miss the Galeria degli Uffizi, a palace that houses one of the best, oldest and most famous museums in the world; the place is known for storing the main collection of Renaissance works of humanity, only so you can get an idea of ​​its importance.

Have you heard of the Ponte Vecchio? The place was built in the fourteenth century and is visited daily by tourists and locals because of the spectacular view it offers and also the street performers who present themselves, an attraction apart. Whether day or night, a stroll along the bridge can not be left out of the to do list . And for those who want to enjoy everything the city has to offer, strolling after sunset through the tourist streets is a great alternative to explore the area. Many restaurants leave the tables outdoors, so it’s a great opportunity to check out all the local vibes by enjoying a wine and a nice piece of pizza.

As the basis of Italian cuisine is based on local products and each season, it is not difficult to understand that each region has its typical dishes, which are always combined with a good wine. A combination of cheeses, sauces, meats and a good pasta will certainly be part of your diet during your travel days. The bistecca alla fiorentina is the queen of Tuscan cuisine, made in most of the restaurants in the area, so you can not finish the trip without sampling this delicacy.


Many people say that Venice is a tourist trap, but anyone who knows the place guarantees: it is simply impossible not to fall in love! There is no lack of adjectives to define the city that is different from all the others, especially because with its narrow streets and alleys full of labyrinths it is almost impossible not to get lost in Venice and, believe me, this is a good thing.

The main tourist destination of the place is Piazza San Marco, or St. Mark’s Square, which is not only the most important square in the city, but also the only one. When you arrive at the place, you will surely come across tourists taking pictures from all sides. In there, you can also see some of the city’s main postcard monuments, such as the Basilica and the St. Mark’s Campanile, the Clock Tower and the Marciana Library, for example.

For those who want to stay well away from all the noise made by tourists, an alternative is to visit Sant’Elena, a region perfect for those who like to stroll around, enjoy the sunset and even take a bike ride. After admiring the beauty of the city in one of the public gardens, the traveler can visit the Church of Sant’Elena, a small construction compared to other buildings of Italy, but extremely charming. The way to the island is very easy: just take a vaporetto, a boat used as a means of transport in the canals, after all, we can not forget that we are talking about a city on the water.

As it is very difficult to think of Italian cities without thinking of local food, the gastronomic tip for visitors to Venice is to taste the bigoli in parsley (a plate of pasta with anchovy sauce and white onions) and tramezzini (a small snack stuffed with mayonnaise , ham, tuna or shrimps).


One of the richest cities in Italy, Verona is full of natural beauties, romantic weather – no wonder the story of Romeo and Juliet, Williams Shakespeare took place in there – charming streets and a gastronomy that makes other places jealous. With so many attractions, it is difficult to leave the city off the list on a visit to Italy.

One of the great highlights of the region are the extremely well preserved Roman ruins, especially the Arena di Verona, which is described by many people as “a small Colosseum”, which to this day hosts some events and shows, among them the Opera, which takes place annually between the months of July and August.

The Ponte Pietra marks the entrance to the old center of the city, so it is a place quite visited by Italians and tourists, especially because of the stunning beauty of the old buildings and streets.

Although there is no evidence that Romeo and Juliet’s love story actually happened, Verona has become a sought-after destination especially as it is the setting for this love. Because of this, Juliet’s House, located in Villa Cappello, is the most popular attraction among visitors to the city – tourists queue to take pictures with the statue of Juliet in the courtyard of the building. Inside the Capuleto family mansion, it is possible to see an exhibition with old editions of the novel, some of the costumes used in the movies to tell the story and the famous “letters to Juliet”, written by people all over the world.


It is practically impossible to leave Rome off a list whose subject is the most beautiful cities in Italy , isn’t it? Those who have not had the privilege of getting to know the place, certainly have the city in the list of places that they want to know, because what is portrayed in photos, films and videos leaves that taste of “I need to visit Rome “. And you know what? It really is worth to visit the capital of Italy .

Cradle of ancient civilization, the city is an open-air museum. The city breathes culture, history, art and of course much faith, so it is object of desire for tourists from all over the world, after all, offers numerous possibilities of tours. The biggest tourist attraction of the place, the Colosseum, deserves a visit even for those who do not like much history; to avoid stresses on the day of the tour, the tip is to get the tickets in advance, because this way you can escape the queues.

Visiting Rome on foot can result in good surprises for travelers, so always opt for the most comfortable sneakers before venturing through the city. The squares of Rome are an incredible attraction and must-see stops; Piazza Navona is one of the most attractive places for tourists because of its charming and colorful buildings, beautiful fountains (such as Fontana dei Quattro di Fiumi, for example) and street artists who delight.

Many do not know, but to get to know the Vatican it is necessary to leave Italy. This is because the place where the Pope lives is the smallest independent country in the world. First and foremost, two things have to be kept in mind: the Vatican is always crowded (especially during the summer) and you are not allowed to enter with your mini skirt or open shoulder clothes, so you have to pay attention to the rules. The Basilica of St. Peter, which is the largest and most important building of Catholicism, houses several works of art, among them the Pietà by Michelangelo. Whoever visits the place can not fail to check the view from the dome; for this, it is necessary to climb 511 steps, but one thing is certain: it will be worth it.

The Vatican Museums are an attraction of unparalleled beauty and, therefore, must-see stops. In one of the buildings of the set is the Sistine Chapel, whose famous ceiling was painted by Michelangelo, a magnificent work, and where, until the present day, the conclave is realized, that is to say, it is the place where the cardinals meet and remain locked until they chose the new Pope.

In addition to the memories of so many historical sites, tourists can not leave Rome without knowing the flavors of the local gastronomy, especially dishes with artichoke, bruschetta and the famous carbonara.


The third largest city in Italy – comes after Rome and Milan – Naples is one of the most sought after destinations for those who decide to visit Europe. At first glance, the region can be a bit chaotic and even scary, but just understand that all this turmoil is part of the local culture and history.

In the list of ” things to do and know “, Naples Archaeological Museum deserves to be among the first topics, since it is considered one of the most important in the world because of its collection of works of art, especially when the subject is the history of Roman times. For those who like to take gifts and travel souvenirs, a stop at Via San Gregorio Armeno, a street full of shops and restaurants, is a must.

It is impossible to talk about the oldest Italian city without mentioning the volcano of Mount Vesuvius, which has devastated Pompeii and Herculaneum for decades. At the Parco Nazionale del Vesuvio, it is possible to make a trail to its top to give a close view of the landscape of the place – with an extremely privileged view of the surrounding cities and the sea – and the smoke coming out of the rocks.

Everyone knows that the Neapolitans are very proud of their pizzas, but it is not only this delicacy that lives the local cuisine. Although many people are not very accustomed to eating sweets for breakfast, it is worth trying the sfogliatella (a stuffed puff pastry filled with ricotta cream), a local specialty. And how about a mozzarella di bufala on the side of the pizza? In the region, it is very common to eat this type of fresh cheese with tomatoes and bread. Just for the food, you can see that you need to get to know Naples, right?


Talking about beautiful Italian cities and not talking about Milan is impossible! The modern and cosmopolitan metropolis owns such a rich cultural past that leaves visitors in love. So visiting the city is an experience that everyone should have at least once in their lives.

As most of the sights are located in the historic center, there is nothing better than walking to explore the city or even using public transportation. The first stop has to be the famous Duomo di Milano, or Milan Cathedral, which is the third largest church in the world and reference when it comes to local tourism. After admiring the grandeur of the building, be sure to visit the church inside, especially the terrace with a privileged view.

Many travelers come into town eager to see Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper, which is one of the most famous works of art in the world. For this, just visit the Santa Maria delle Grazie, another church which is an obligatory stop to understand the history and cultural importance of this city to the world.

And to take advantage of everything Milan has to offer, the traveler can not miss the Navigli region. With charming canals and many restaurants, it is the perfect place to end the day in the city with a good drink and making the most of the appetizers that the Italian cuisine has to offer. In fact, for those who do not miss the night of the destination, Navigli is considered the most lively in Milan, so the fun is guaranteed.


Considered one of the most romantic cities in Italy , Siena is one of the most visited places in Tuscany for being a region that attracts the most different types of tourists. With more than 800 years of history, the city has much to offer tourists.

When viewed from above, the medieval streets of Siena look like a big maze, but walking the streets and alleys of the place is not as difficult as it seems. To start the tour, the Cathedral of Siena is a great option, as well as being an extremely authentic church with mosaics, stained glass windows and paintings that make anyone impressed, its location also facilitates the routine of those who want to know a little more of history and optimize time while exploring the site.

Imagine a square with sloping ground: this is the Piazza del Campo in Siena. One of the places most sought after by tourists and locals for a sunbathing is certainly the most different thing in the city.

Those who like to take photos need to know the historic center of Siena. A bike ride or even a walk in the medieval style streets is a great option to watch the architecture closely and live unforgettable moments.

After a full day, regional food and a nice glass of wine can help you unwind. One of the great traditional recipes is ricciarelli, a sweet made with sugar, almonds, vanilla, candied fruit and egg white.


The colors of Burano make the city even more enthralling, full of life, culture and history. That’s because, long ago, the fishermen decided to paint their houses so they could easily distinguish them through the mist. When the colorful buildings are reflected in the water of the canals, the scenery becomes even more beautiful and, of course, inviting.

Famous worldwide, the lace of Burano is the result of centuries of tradition. Although the number of rendeiras has diminished, some visitors are lucky enough to come across some producing their work on the sidewalks. To bring some souvenirs home, there are several stores that sell the local hand made gifts.

The main attraction of the region is the Church of San Martino, whose tower is skewed than the Tower of Pisa and therefore known as the “drunken tower”.

Porto Fino

Italy is a country full of charming places, that everyone already knows. But beyond all the culture and history of its museums, palaces and churches, the villages also hold incredible treasures and surprises. An example of this is Portofino , a region surrounded by sea and mountain that charms at first sight.

With such extraordinary beauty, the place is one of the most sought after by celebrities to take advantage of the hottest days of the year. Before that, prepare the wallet before embarking on this trip, because the prices are a bit saltier compared to the rest of Italy.

One of the main attractions of the city is the Church of San Giorgio, a 12th-century building that underwent a reconstruction in the 1950’s and houses relics of the Crusades. Another point of obligatory stop for visitors is the Portofino Lighthouse, a historic building from where it is possible to have one of the most spectacular views of the entire region.

The itinerary of a boat trip to the beach of San Fruttuoso can not be missed, you know why? Besides the fact that it is a beautiful and secluded beach, the great attraction is due to the diving in its waters, since it is where the statue of the Christ is.


Nicknamed “little Venice”, Treviso is not only one of the most beautiful Italian cities, but also carries a rich cultural heritage. In this way, those who know the region are surprised by its quiet and pleasant atmosphere.

The first stop for those who arrive should be Piazza dei Signori, which is the main square of the city and where, at the moment, the prefecture works. It is a great place to rest, enjoy a bit of the day to day life of the locals and have a delicious coffee. Do not miss the famous Fontana Delle Tette, a fountain that, during some special celebrations, springs red and white wine. A real show!

Built on the river Sile, from anywhere in the city you can see the river, which makes the region look like a painting. Among the many canals scattered around the city, the most famous is the Buranelli, whose romantic setting consists of colorful houses and a bridge.

Many people do not know it, but the tiramisù, a famous Italian sweet, was invented in Treviso. The region owns one of the richest cuisines in the country, so the traveler can not return home without sampling some of the dishes that use local ingredients such as funghi and white asparagus, for example.


The capital of Sicily is a very charming seaside town with beautiful churches and monuments that are among the most impressive in Italy, meaning it is a rare jewel of Europe. Despite so many qualities, the city is not always included in the itineraries of tourists who visit the country, however, whoever goes once, feels like returning as fast as possible.

Piazza Pretoria, a Baroque-style square decorated with statues inspired by Greco-Roman mythology, is a place that must be visited by those who travel to the region. Located in the center of the city, the place is even more beautiful at night because of the lights.

To enjoy a beautiful view of the city, there is nothing better than to venture up Mount Pellegrino and take the opportunity to visit the Sanctuary of Santa Rosalia, a beautiful building that seems to be bursting with stones.

A visit to Ballarò is the ideal tour to get a taste of the routine of the Italians and the colors and flavors of the region. Located in the Alberghia district, it is one of the oldest markets in the city and where you can find everything, such as clothes, textiles, meats, fresh fish, street food, among other things.

Eating in Palermo is more than proving a different cuisine: it is a true experience of life. The famous arancinis and cannolis are typical dishes of the region that will surely make the trip even better.

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