What to Eat & Where to Eat in Capri?

Mozzerella, Caprese salad with tomato and olive oil, Focaccia bread, pizza varieties, melted cheese and mushroom risotto balls Arancini, seafood pasta Linguine ai Frutti di Mare, lavender ice cream, almond chocolate cake Torta Caprese.

These are the first come to my mind but there is a lot more..

One of the best restaurants in the city, the Aurora is eye-catching with its not so fancy decor, delicious food and service. Do not forget to make a reservation before you go.
For lunch, the Province Riccio Restaurant can be a nice choice. This sea-side fish restaurant is a few meters from Grotta Azzurra. You must make a reservation before you go.
Located in the J.K. Palace Hotel, JKitchen is a popular venue with a unique view and delicious flavors. You can drink something in the bar here or you can choose to have dinner.
Under the lemon trees, you can go to the Da Paolino Restaurant, which is next to Marina Grande for a delicious meal. The menu is prepared with Capri’s local flavors. It’s a good thing if you make a reservation.
Anema e Core is a night-time magnet for all the famous people who come to the island with taverna-style amusement. There are live music, Napolitan songs and Latin American tunes and all the melodies that makes you dance.
You can listen to house music at Number Two, which opens its doors at 01:00 in the night. We recommend you go to this very popular place before it’s too late.

I would especially like to recommend two restaurants. My first recommendation is Ristorante IL Riccio. IL Riccio, which is tourists’ and locals’ favorite with the atmosphere, the view, the service, the food and the sweets, they deserves the money you have paid in the end. Book a reservation, especially if you want to go before sunset hours, reserve sun beds. You can sip your cocktail in the sunbathing area with its wonderful view on the terrace of the restaurant and sail into the sea at sunset. Another feature of this restaurant is its location next to the famous Grotta Azzurrma cave. You can go swimming in the Grotta Azzurrma cave passing thru this restaurant after 5:00 pm. You will love the light shows inside the cave after 5:00 pm. Another special feature of the restaurant is that as soon as you sit on your table, chefs bringing the most the delicious meals with the wonderful Capri flavors. If you wish you can choose something from the menu or if you wish you can go and choose your favorite fish and even live prawns for the main course from their live cage. Freshly made jumbo shrimp and pasta made with tomato sauce is recommended.

My second recommendation is Da Paolina Lemon Trees. This is the right address if you want to have fabulous meals in a lemon garden that has overgrown sized lemons hanging from lemon trees on top of your head. This restaurant, which you may hear from many people, is famous for its lemons, as the name suggests. There is an appetizer bar and dessert bar in Da Paollina. Again, you fill a plate with as many items as you want and fix the price. However, instead of preferring the open buffet, you can also choose from the menu. As a main dish we recommend a large plate of seafood homemade pasta, lemon shrimp and mushroom risotto, sea & mountain named sea food with mushrooms collected from the mountains. Do not return without eating lemon cannoli.

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