Beautiful Capri Island in Southern Italy

Capri Island, off the Sorrentine peninsula south of the Gulf of Naples, is one of Italy’s favorite summer resorts since the Roman period. For this exquisite island where I have the opportunity to visit, the British writer D.H. Lawrence said, “The Capri is full of villas, decorated with layers of limestone, a place reminiscent of paradise, but not reminiscent of the earth.”

Famous local wines, impressive blue caves, heavenly hills and architectural structures from the imperial era, Italy’s famous Capri Island is a perfect escape route for Italians as well. Among the frequent holidaymakers influx the island where the magazine press camped for celebrities in the 1960s included names such as Jacquline Onassis, Elizabeth Taylor and Brigitte Bardot.

The Roman Empire Tiberius built 12 villas in Capri Island which is located across the city of Naples and lived his last 10 years on this beautiful island. This spread the famous of the island to the world. The island, which has become the center of the administration of the whole empire, is one of the most tourists attracted place in Italy today.

The life on the island is in Anacapri with the two centers, Monte Tiberio and Monte Solaro. The main port, the Marina Grande, is a base property with access to the mainland. If you want to see the beautiful streets of the island closer, explore the island on foot and do not rush your trip on this beautiful island.

When you land in Capri, the main port of Marina Grande welcomes you with its simple look and you are welcomed by a shoreline of colorful old buildings. Immediately behind them, the steep cliffs of the island does not take your breath in the first impression . You need to be patient for this.

The warehouses where fishermen left their boats for a while and where their fish was stored are now turned into restaurants, bars and cafes. The San Costanzo Church, dating from the 17th century which made a splash in 1958 in a film called “It Started in Naples” by Sophia Loren, still exist in the west side of Marina. The remaining of Palazzo a Mare, the palace of Augustus from ancient emperors and Tiberius shore still shines like a star.

Capri Island is divided into two regions, Capri and Anacapri, each with distinct characters. Capri is the place you land in with the ferry in Marina Grande, while the other part of the island of Anacapri is high up on the hill. While societies and wealthy Italians live in villages in Anacapri, island workers and many other inhabitants live in Capri, in the lower region.

From Capri to Anacapri, take a bus or a minibus for a 15 minute ride or take a leisurely walk. Minibuses get you off in Anacapri’s headquarters which is located close to Piazza Umberto I square.

Narrow and cute streets are decorated with Begonville, a magnificent view of the sea from every side, and nice homes, Capri is starting to show you its own soul. Piazza Umberto Square, which is a public market in the past, is also the life center of the island. Since the first bar opened in 1938 by a young islander Raffaele Vuotto near the plaza, the fate of the island has begun to change slowly. The island is now becoming a fashion meeting place.

Stylish cafes and restaurants, souvenir shops, small chic expensive boutiques decorate the square of Piazza Umberta and show women’s elegance. The official name of Piazza Umberto I, La Piazzetta Square, has been a frequent destination for celebrities like Frank Sinatra, Rita Hayworth, Julie Christie, Julia Roberts and Mariah Carey in the past.

From the Chiesa di Santo Stefano, a religious building built in the 17th century, only the municipal building with its clock tower was able to survive until today. The Torro dell’Orolgio bell tower, located on the ancient entrance, is one of the most remarkable structures.

Dine into the narrow streets decorated with colorful begonvillas that are home to charming streets and shops, and feel the richness and feeling hidden behind the high snow-white walls of magnificent villas.

Artists, movie stars and millionaires vacationing in Capri are known for their designer and luxury villas. The Casa Rossa building, built by American Colonel J.C. MacKowen is used today as an art gallery, is located in the center of Anacapri. Completed in 1899, the Pompeii red painted house is one of the most striking structures of the island.

Villa San Michele, which can be reached by a short walk from the square, resembles a Greek temple located on the top of Capri’s steep cliffs. Anacapri Villa San Michele is a dream house created by the Swedish physician Axel Munthe who came to the island in 1885. The Villa San Michele, reminds an ancient chapel monument overlooking the Bay of Naples, built on Capri’s steep cliffs. There is a granite Sphinx sculpture, Greek tomb with a view of the entire Capri Island in its impressive gardens.

From Umberto square you have to walk along Via Vittorio Emanuele road in the direction of Marina Piccola, to the other side of the island. Designer boutiques, perfumeries and fashion shops are all along this street. Visit the Centro Caprense in Ignazio Cerio to get information about the shop’s history of Capri.

Certosa Di San Giacomo church, the monastery converted to the present day high school, the Quarto del priore exhibited by international artists and the Museo Diefenbach where the German painter Diefenbach lived until the end of his life must be seen.

Located between Castiglione and Tuoro hills, The Carthusian Monastery, dedicated to St. James, is known as the art center of the island. The structure, which dates back to 1371 and is an important religious meeting point of the island, was looted by pirates in the 16th century. The historic building, which houses a library, a museum, a church and a monastery, was restored and reopened in 2010.

In Punta Tragara on the southern coast of Capri, three rock fragments of limestone standing side by side on the sea called “Faraglioni” might get your attention. Faraglione di Terra is the only rock that is linked to the coast. The second rock has two names, Mezzo and Stella. The name of the rock which is farthest to the land is Scopolo.

Located in Marina Piccola, Giardini Di Augusto (Agustus’ Gardens) is a hilltop garden with terraces. The sea-view gardens are a place where you can enjoy the magnificent scenery with the wind that winds every season of the year.

Via Krupp, a 100 m downward, zigzagged pathway, is the work of the German arms dealer Friedrich Krupp. This road connecting Marina Piccola and Agustus’s gardens is one of the island’s most impressive landscapes.

Marina Piccola, which has the most beautiful beaches of the island and attracts the interest of swimming lovers, takes 10 minutes by bus from Capri’s main bus terminal Piazzetta d’Ungheria. It is best to walk to the places I wrote above.

There are facilities and pools that charge you along the beach. La Canzone del Mare, the most famous of the pools, is also preferred by celebrities. Scoglio delle Sirene, which stands in the middle of the marinade and is a marine rock, is a subject of different myths.

Take the cable car to get to the top of Capri Island, 589 meters high, with a beautiful view of Monte Solaro’s terrace filled with walnut trees. The cable car from Anacapri is reached in 12 minutes. The journey through the cable car, vineyards, lemons, walnut trees, vineyards, gardens are spectacular in Anacapri, the sea and the open air with the spectacular views of the bay of Naples and the magnificent Vezüv volcano. On clear days you can observe an area as far as the Salerno Gulf. The islands of Procida and Ischia are also in sight.

Grotta Azzurra Cave is one of the most impressive places of Capri. The Blue Cave is taking its world-class reputation from its clear blue water, which owes its name to silver lights. Grotta Azzurra has been known for a long time by the locals of the island, but in 1826 the recognition of the cave was made by the visit of the Polish poet August Kopisch and the Swiss artist Ernest Fries to the cave. Only small boats can enter the cave, which can be reached from Marina Grande or Anacapri.

Capri Island eating, drinking and shopping

For those who want to return with some souvenir other than photographs and enjoyable memorials, I suggest ceramic magnet, cup base and bowl. As the size of ceramic products grows, the prices increase. Get a few bottles of limoncello sold in stylish bottles.

The indispensable lemons of Campania region, Ischia and Capri are very different from the lemons we know, in the smallest orange size and yellow. Lemon cocktail prepared with lemon called Limonçello is also the indispensable liqueur of this region with its hard and sharp sweet taste. Almost all of the souvenir products produced on Capri, the main theme is lemon.

The seafood risotto, spaghetti and pizzas can be tasted from Island’s seafood-based cuisine. Your preferred meal is Margharita pizza. The crunchy pizza is cooked in a wood oven, and the cheese and tomatoes are very delicious with the smell of mixture. The recommended restaurants are Ristorante IL Riccio, right next to the famous Grotta Azzur cave, which will appeal to you with atmosphere, scenery, service, food and sweets, and Da Paolina Lemon Trees, which is also an appetizer bar and dessert bar.

When will you go to Capri Island

The streets are alive and crowded during summer. The island is not only a tourist destination but also a favorite place for Italians. Because August is the holiday season for Italians, foreign tourists are not highly recommended due to the concentration of local tourists. If you are planning to stay in this high seaside resort, make sure you book ahead. Spring and autumn are the best times for those who have time.

Most of the hotels are located in the area in Anacapri. If you think about entering the sea, you know that it is different from the Mediterranean ones you know of. If you want to enjoy the sea, you have to swim in the rocky beaches here.

How do you get to Capri Island

This geography is very, very impressive in almost every respect. Napoli, Capri Island, Pompeii, Sorrento, Positana and Amalfi. If you plan to go to Capri, you need to fly to Napoli (Naples).

Capri Island is accessible by sea from Naples or Sorrento. Napoli (Naples) Molo Beverello Port is 45 minutes away from Capri by ferry or hydrofoil. Sorrento has 20 minutes distance to the island with fast ship hydrofoil. It is possible to reach from Positano and Amalfi by ferryboat and fast ship Hydrofoil only during the summer months. Keep in mind that boat trips might cancel on stormy days in winter.

Capri, one of the most famous islands of the Mediterranean, is a frequent destination for those who come to Naples from all around Italy and the world. Capri is an island that attracts visitors with its unique historical, architectural and natural beauty. Capri offers an impressive open air film set with its streets and scenic landscapes.

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