6 Day Itinerary at the End of the World: Ushuaia – Patagonia

Destination is full of stunning scenery and adventure. Discover the main activities to do in Ushuaia, Patagonia in a 6-day itinerary.

Capital of the province of Tierra del Fuego, Ushuaia is recognized as the southernmost city in the world, also called as “End of the World” city . Its colorful little houses and small commercial center are surrounded by mountains, which are mostly covered with snow, and by the cold waters of the Beagle Channel, a bucolic and fascinating landscape that really feels like we are in a distant place of everything.

The city of the end of the world was born of a need for territorial domination, and began to grow after the establishment of a large prison, which eventually attracted many officials and new settlers. Today, it is possible to check the history of the region in some museums and the fun tour of the End of the World Train.

Despite being relatively small, Ushuaia has several tourist attractions that need to be explored with calm, without letting the sensation of rush obstructing your tour, so our tip is to try to stay a minimum of 4 days in the city.

Day 1 – Exploring the Center of Ushuaia

Ushuaia has its own airport, making it very easy to arrive in the city. However, due to the obligatory at least one stop on the way there, the trip can be very tiring, it is recommended to reserve the first day to rest and explore a little of the center of the city. It is worth to visit Avenida San Martín , the main access road in Ushuaia and where the best shops and restaurants of the destination are lined up.

If you have not booked your tours, this is the time: on the avenue you will find agencies that can assist you and even clothing and equipment stores to venture into the mountains and snow. After that, enjoy the proximity to the Port of Ushuaia to get to know it and, of course, take a picture on the famous End of the World Board.

Day 2 – Cerro Martial

The next day, it’s time to really start exploring the local beauties and putting the adventurous spirit into action. Start a walk on Cerro Martial, one of the iconic mountains that complete the majestic silhouette of the mountain range that protects the city.

The Cerro Martial is only 7 km from the city center, and can be reached by car, public transport and even on foot, allowing a meditative walk, with a rewarding view of the city and the Beagle Channel. The mountain offers 4 trails with different levels of difficulty, which can take up to 1 full day.

At the end of the day walk along the edge of the city and try a typical dish in a restaurant next to Av. San Martín. We recommend the cozy La Cantina Fueguina de Freddy, a super charming restaurant and very popular with tourists and locals, for offering dishes such as black merlouza with seafood sauce and the genuine Patagonian crab, a giant crab that comes with of rice, salad and sauce.

Day 3 – Navigation on the Beagle Channel

The third day of the journey in Ushuaia deserves a lighter ride to rest from the previous day: heading through the Beagle Channel . This is one of the most popular tours in the city, and invites tourists to explore the crystal clear waters of the Channel, towards the Lighthouse Les Eclaireurs, also known as the Lighthouse of the End of the World.

The tour offers other stops to enjoy the local habitat, composed of sea lions, birds and the penguins of the Martillo Island, better known as Pinguinera. Due to the migration period, the best time to visit the island is during the summer, when it is full of penguins.

Book the afternoon to take a 4×4 tour to visit two of Ushuaia’s main lakes, Lake Fagnano and Lake Escondido. For the more adventurous, another option is to take a walk to the beautiful Emerald Lake . To get to the famous lagoon with green water in the middle of the Andes, it takes a little effort in the mud and up to 2 hours of hiking to get there.

Day 4 – Tierra del Fuego National Park

Take a ride on the End of the World Train, the route which is the same as the prisoners at the time, for extraction of wood. The practically obligatory visit to the Tierra del Fuego National Park , from where the train departs, can be complemented with other attractions of the region, such as lakes, trails and the Post Office of the End of the World. In all, the visit to the park can last up to 9 hours.

How about booking a night to enjoy the nightlife of Ushuaia ? If you like live music you will love the performances that play at Jagger and the Hard Rock Café Ushuaia. Who loves to have a beer with a good conversation? You can enjoy nightlife in Dublin, a typical Irish pub, located on the San Martín Avenue.

Day 5 – Castor Hill (in winter) / Harberton Ranch (in summer)

If you are traveling to Ushuaia in the winter, be sure to visit Cerro Castor, a complete ski center where you can go for hiking, winter activities or skiing if you already have a practice.

If your trip has been scheduled in the summer, the option is to visit Estancia Harberton, a farm founded at the end of the 19th century, which was declared a national historical monument in 1999, and has charming landscapes.

On the way back, make a stop at the trail that gives access to Velo de la Novia Waterfall, an attraction little known by tourists, but that deserves your attention. The attraction is located only 2.5 km from the center of Ushuaia, and has access by Route 3, next to the camping Kawi Yoppen.

Day 6 – Museums and shopping

The next day is the last of the itinary, and asks for quieter activities to rest, and even recover from the tours made in the first days of the trip, so choose to stay downtown. Visit the Maritime Museum and the Presidio Museum to get to know the local history.

Take advantage of the opportunity to be in a free zone, and end the day shopping at Duty Free Shop Atlántico Sur, a store that sells perfumes, chocolates, bags, makeup and other common products.

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