Where To Stay in Amalfi Coast?

The cities of the Amalfi Coast have different prices and attractions. Discover which is the ideal to be your base and explore other places around the region.

The Amalfi Coast is undoubtedly a route that should be included in any trip through Italy. Located on the coast of Campania in the south of the country, the region is listed as a World Heritage Site and becomes very accessible for those who come from the capital Rome or Naples.

With beautiful landscapes and little towns bordering an incredible sea in bluish tones, the region has more than 50 kilometers of coast surrounded by winding roads. Formed by thirteen communes, the main ones offer different attractions, as well as different lodging values. Some are targetted for those who want to be more economical, others for those who want to enjoy the night and there are also others for those who want to celebrate the romance.

Discover which of the cities best suits your profile and your travel style to decide where to stay on the Amalfi Coast.

Cities of the Amalfi Coast


Positano lavishes charm, sophistication and concentrates some of the most luxurious hotels on the Amalfi Coast . If you want to save money for stay, Positano is not the best of option. However, the little town is quite bustling, with alleys, colorful houses, restaurants and bars, offering the tourist a very lively nightlife.

The more centralized location of Positano allows the tourist to travel to the other coastal cities without difficulty, with private boats or ferry. The beach of Positano is very beautiful, but small, so sometimes it is necessary to fight for a space to put your umbrella.

An important point is to check if the hotel you have booked has included a luggage service, since otherwise it will be necessary to face good climbs with your luggage in tow. Anyone who has mobility difficulties or is pregnant or has young children should consider that there are many climbs and stairs along the way.


Although Amalfi seems more distant than the other cities of the Amalfi Coast , it is a great lodging option for those who wish to base their stay in the region. Being one of the largest cities, it concentrates a great diversity of hotels, restaurants and lodging options of several categories, from the most luxurious to the simplest. One of the advantages compared to other cities is that much of Amalfi is flat and still facing the sea, which allows you to make walks and to move more easily to know the places.

The Amalfi city has heavenly beaches and frequented by tourists, which makes the traffic of people and cars intense during busier times and especially during the summer. On the other hand, Amalfi has the convience is that there are many transportation options, including all boats and buses that depart to the other cities from there.

For those who prefers quiet accomodation, Amalfi is not the best option, but for those who want a great structure, good beaches, beautiful views and practicality of travel, surely this is the place to stay on the Amalfi Coast .


For those who appreciate charming, beautiful views and quiet stay, Ravello is the ideal place to stay on the Amalfi Coast . Although it is one of the cities that does not have a beach, this is compensated by beautiful views, since the city is on a hilltop. It is also one of the most romantic places in the area, so it is very suitable for anyone who is in search of a place to spend the honeymoon.

To go to other cities, there is no possibility of boat, but it is possible to go by car, bus or taxi to Amalfi, Minori, Maiori or Salerno. However, once in Ravello you are impressed by the alleys and its beautiful cafes, restaurants and bars. The atmosphere is quite peaceful compared to other cities, with flowers scattered around the streets, a really unique look.

Maiori and Minori

These two Italian cities, although small, possess the largest strip of sand in the entire Amalfi Coast . They are charming and much smaller than the other cities, but very suitable for those who travel with children, since in large part its streets are flat and do not require so much physical effort for a walk. There are also boardwalks by the sea and a good structure for the tourist.

For those who are in search of excitement, night life or busy crowds, these are not the ideal places to stay. Maiori and Minori are little towns to rest, enjoy the scenery and enjoy the quiet climate. For those who drive, there are many places to park.


Salerno is not part of the Amalfi Coast , but is adjacent, so it is a great place to serve as a base to stay and visit the nearby cities. The city has a good transport network, with buses, trains and boat. Although beautiful and with plenty of infrastructure, Salerno is not much chosen by tourists wishing to visit the region, which is great for those who wish to escape from the crowd that accumulates in other nearby towns.

Anyone who wants a quiet place with great and cheap lodging options, restaurants and easy commuting to other regions of Italy, this is a great option, even for those who do not wish to rent a car.


The enchanting Sorrento, in addition to being the largest city on the Amalfi Coast, is also often the gateway of visitors to the area arriving from Naples or Rome. With a good tourist structure, the city has a charming center with several shops, picturesque restaurants and varied lodging options that include all tastes and serve all pockets. So, this is a great city choice for those who want to save money when booking a place to stay overnight. However, if you want to enjoy the night of the other cities, it is important to keep in mind that the route is very complicated, that is, when it gets dark it is better to stay in Sorrento itself and avoiding commutes.

Besides being in a privileged position that makes it a great base to visit all the cities of the Amalfi coast by bus or boat, it is also a great starting point for those who want to get to know the Island of Capri in one day with ferries. Excursions to visit historic Pompeii and Mount Versuvio are also about an hour’s drive away.

The city has a train station that facilitates access for those coming from Rome or Naples, but is also accessible by ferry, bus, and car as it offers several parking lots.

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