How To Travel The World and Get Paid / Make Money?

You wanna travel the world and get paid?

You really don’t need that much money saved up. Anyone can do it but you will need to work very hard. You gotta be willing to sell your soul to the highest bidder. You can see travel and work as two very polar opposite things.
You’re either making money at work or you’re traveling and losing money. But the incredible thing about this career
is that it takes that equation and it completely disregards it. By traveling, I make money, and therefore, this travel lifestyle becomes sustainable and profitable.

Today, We’ll be sharing with you 10 things that will allow you to make money as a travel influencer. Whether you wanna do photography or videography. This path may not be given to you and it may not be given to anybody else you follow and admire on social media. This is a business for those who hustle, those who work late into the night, early into the mornings, those who don’t give up when they don’t get paid, those who don’t quit when they don’t get views. This is for those who are ready to grind and hustle.

If you think that’s you, then keep reading.

When you first start your travels, you may not have that much money saved up. And every single day you will be on the road, you will start eating into your savings. You know that that you need to make YouTube videos and post Instagram photos and you will need as much time as you could to create good content. So how could you stretch that limited money? One of the main ways to do that is to reduce your costs. Reduce the overhead of hotels, of food, of activities.

How do you do that?

“Thanks to my sponsorship agreement, I made enough money to cover my travel budget.” This rarely comes up in life, maybe not at all. If you’re not a very popular name for travel blog or vlog, you don’t do extreme things or you’re not going on a trip with a project, you’ll have to create your own budget. The best way to do this is to concentrate on what you can do best to make money while traveling.

One of the best ways you can keep your costs low is door knocking. You can go from hostel to hostel, sometimes 10 hostels in a row and ask if they are willing to give you free room to stay. Most of the time, you will get the following answer: “No, we’re not willing to give you a free bed,”but the 11th one would eventually say yes and that would be the place where you can stay for two to three nights. Right there, you can take care of one of your biggest expenses which is your accommodation.

If you knew you were going to go to an island or you needed the take the ferry, well then you can try to contact different companies that would allow you to feature their service in exchange for a free ticket.

You’re gonna have to make sacrifices, you’re gonna have to say no to getting drinks with dinner, eat street food, knock on hostel doors, keep costs as low as possible.

The next point is diversify your income sources. Maybe you don’t get as many views on YouTube that month,
or maybe you don’t have as many visits to your Shopify store.

Be a Tour Guide

If you like researching places you go to and sharing them with people, you can think of tour guidance. Of course, your foreign language must be perfect for this! Nowadays, many tourism companies assign many tour guides both at home and abroad. Tour guiding is definitely a good option for making money while traveling.

Write and Sell E-Book

Do you have a comprehensive knowledge about something and can you provide useful advice? Or do you love writing stories to entertain people? You should consider writing an eBook. Obviously, the demand for information material is huge, making money selling an “instruction guide” is probably easier than selling a novel. Books that help people achieve something sell more. Making money with an eBook is easier because it has low investment cost. Once written, you can provide a passive income for a period of time.

Maybe you have a Philippines travel guide, Thailand travel guide, Peru travel guide, or maybe you have a guide on how to edit travel videos. You can sell them as a e-book online, this could be the way to make your living. Once they were made, they become passive income. So every single time you make a sale, there’s no real cost because e-products don’t have inventory. You basically just have a protected asset that you send off to somebody when they bought the rights to it. It’s a fantastic way to make a living, especially for those of you that do develop your own communities and have people that trust your authority on a certain subject.

Sell Your Merchandise

Another income source that may work for you is your merchandise. This is only going to work if you have enough subscribers or audiance that follows you and don’t mind buying your t-shirt with your logo on it. You can print your own t-shirts, cups with your logo on it and sell on various websites for your subscribers.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing/links can be your favorite income sources because you will be basically getting paid to promote the service you love and use every single day. It works like this: you promote someone’s product and get paid a commission, every time someone buys the product through your recommendation. You do not need to be a blogger to do Affiliate Marketing, although it does help if you have a specific niche and recommend relevant products to your readers. If you do not have a blog, you can share affiliate links on social media (Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube), by email, etc.

Sell Photos You’ve Taken

We are like a photo production factory with a camera in one hand, a mobile phone in the other and a GoPro in our heads. During our trips, thousands of photos accumulate on our external drives. You don’t need to be a professional to sell photos to stock photo sites, just take pictures within certain rules. When you upload your photos to these sites, you earn money with commission rates that vary from site to site.

Are you a confident person, love to record and have something interesting to say? Or do you have a cute pet that’s so fun and you can not stop filming? Or maybe you have amazing skills and love creating tutorial videos that help people? You can become a Vlogger.

Vlog Your Travel

YouTube is the largest platform for Vloggers with more than one billion users. Your videos can be about anything as long as your content is relevant. Make sure you offer something valuable to your followers to form an audience. Make them laugh, teach them or inspire them. Once you become popular, you can monetize your videos with ads, make partnerships, and so on.

Rent out the Rental

How? Here is an example; a close friend of mine went to Morocco to surf for 3 months. He rented a 2-room house and then rented the other room on a daily or weekly basis using Airbnb and other rental channels, thus reducing the cost of accommodation. Especially if you want to live in touristic areas for a long time and want to explore the area in slow motion, you can find a tenant from

Work at Where you Stay.

Many hotels, hotels and resorts are looking for people, for a short period of time (during high season) or in the long run. Jobs range from staying at the front desk, site maintenance, cleaning, etc. Some of these jobs are paid, others are voluntary.

Online Lessons

Another great example of a job that can be done anywhere and a great way to monetize your knowledge. I’m sure you have some amazing skills that can be helpful to someone else. Nowadays, there are many websites where teachers can sign up and offer advice and classes for students. It does not matter if you teach English, Algebra, Singing, SEO, etc. Just sign up, set your hourly rate, and give Skype lessons to your students.

Seasonal Work

In many parts of the world it is relatively easy to find seasonal jobs, often linked to tourism and services. In high season, there is usually a great demand for waiters at beach destinations or employees at ski resorts, for example.

It is worth using creativity and your skills. If you studied physical education, what about looking for opportunities to give yoga classes at an eco inn or to be a physical recreator at a resort in the busiest months?

A lot of people spend a few months working intensively on temporary jobs in other cities or countries and then spend the rest of the year traveling with the money they put together.

Street Art

The internet is dominating our lives, but that does not mean that more traditional models of street work should be forgotten. I’ve met a lot of people who could make money traveling through their art, looking for places with high tourist flows.

It is a good option if you have a way to do manual work and produce handcrafts, for example, or if you have talent for music, acrobatics, dancing, art with henna … It is only good to know if in the destination where you intend to go this type of activity is allowed (or at least tolerated) and if there is sufficient public traffic.

Do not ask people to donate just because they already get your content for free on YouTube. That’s not a very compelling reason and you might get backlash.

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