Visit Marrakech and Essaouira in One Trip

Why not combine a relaxing beach holiday with the magic of the bustling souks of Marrakech? As in the intoxication of an oriental fairy tale, the colors, scents and sounds of Marrakech enchant. A few days in the most colorful city of Morocco, the impressions overflow and remain in memory for a long time. The vibrant old town in Marrakech invites you to explore the colorful souks, to discover the popular medina, to walk through the labyrinth streets while passing by snake dancers and storytellers. If everything in your checklist is explored, it is time for packing up and leaving for Essaouira.

The city by the sea, Essaouira, is the complete opposite of Marrakech. Thanks to the excellent transport links, the distance can be covered in three hours. Essaouira, also known as “Wind City of Africa”, attracts many windsurfers between April and November. But the old town itself attracts with its spicy streets and palm-lined avenues with full of many art galleries and boutiques. In the atmospheric harbor fishing nets are still being repaired by hand and traditional boats are being built.

The sensational surf off the coast of Essaouira attracts many windsurfers.

With the change of location from Marrakech to Essaouira, the widespread calls of the souk traders are exchanged with the cries of the seagulls at the same time. The wind roaring against the shutters and the waves that bounce against the old city walls. Those who arrive here only need to inhale the salty air, filling full lungs and be enchanted by the relaxed charm of the city. The long tradition in Marrakech faces a cosmopolitan, almost bohemian lifestyle in Essaouira because of the fantastic art scene. Even non-surfers grab a board and learn to surf on one of the world’s most relaxed shores. Another plus: The French Berber fusion cuisine of the old town with its crêpes, soups and freshly caught fish is simply irresistible.

Our tip: enjoy a short break in the bustling Marrakech and book a two-day tour to Essaouira from there – go for a surf and stroll through the relaxed old town.

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