How To Travel Intercity in Cuba?

In Cuba you can bargain for the intercity trips, negotiate with private car owners and taxis, or use the state-owned bus company Viazul. Click to see the website. But do not forget that when you travel with Viazul, you can not directly go to the bus sit your seat with your luggage. First of all, when you go to the Viazul terminal, you have to check in and hand over your luggage to the officers. 20 kg per person. You have your baggage allowance and you pay a small fee for your excess baggage. (1 kg. = 0.25 CUC)

Come on, seat number! When you do check-in, you are given numbers such as 20A, 30B on the ticket. Please do not be deceived! Because these numbers are not related to the seat number. So get in early in the line or not-so comfy seat at the back is yours. In Viazul, first come first serve system is in operation!

You can purchase tickets and get information about ticketing on, or you can do your processing at the Viazul terminals in towns. You can also use airplanes for long distances within the country, but Viazul is the most ideal means of transportation because flights are quite expensive. I think that would be the ideal for transportation in Cuba.

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