10 Top Places To Visit in 2017

10 Top Places To Visit in 2017


Reaffirmed by the wave of positivity emanating from its energetic new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, with dynamic cities that hold the world’s top positions in quality of life and with a reputation for welcoming and courteous, the second largest country in the world will celebrate in full form its tourist flow in 2017. Commemorating 150 years of its confederation, the anniversary party promises to be very friendly with international visitors. Plus, with the weak Canadian dollar, prices are down and foreign travelers will be able to spend more money on the country’s exciting fusion food and its mysteriously understated wines.


In decades of civil war and violence, Colombia’s stamp on the passport was reserved for hardcore travelers, but now those years look like a speck of dust in the country’s rearview mirror. Colombia does not harbor wonders of the world, but its vibrant blend of culture, nature and hospitality creates a rich and inviting tapestry. After a spectacular change that lasted more than a decade, this jewel of South America even awaits the visit of the highest representative of the Catholic Church. When Pope Francisco kisses the Colombian soil in 2017, the first papa visit to the country will begin in 30 years.


Fought for Russia and Sweden for 800 years, Finland finally achieved independence in 1917. Soon it will celebrate its centenary with joy and a lot of events in every region, from outdoor concerts and collective culinary experiences, to sauna evenings and exhibitions of Vintage travel posters. There is even a new national park, a territory in Hossa, full of pine and rivers. In addition, in 2017 the country will host the World Figure Skating Championships and the Nordic World Ski Championships. There will never be a moment as good as this to discover the uniqueness of Finnish culture and landscapes.


The locals joke that if Columbus rises from the grave and returns to the Caribbean, the only island he would recognize would be Dominic. And when you look at their prehistoric ferns and their empty beaches, you understand what they mean. For decades, the lack of flaming and white beaches has held back the homogenization, urbanization and deforestation plaguing other parts of the Caribbean. Coconut trees are the only skyscrapers the traveler will see on this island. In 2018 Dominica will have the first large chain resorts, which will pave the way for a new era of tourism that the island awaits with concern.


No natural disasters can knock Nepal out. The earthquakes of 2015 sowed destruction, but the most surprising thing is not all that was lost, but everything that was saved. Some iconic temples collapsed, but others only moved a tile, and many territories in the country were spared major damage, including the most popular hiking routes. Nepal has the necessary encouragement to rebuild its monuments and infrastructure, but needs income. Visiting the country now, and spending money on local businesses, the traveler will help the country rebuild and recover more strongly.


They are British territory, but they are often considered as Caribbean islands. 650 miles off the coast of North Carolina, the Bermuda Islands are accessible from almost every major US East Coast town in about two hours, a short drive to discover a hint of island-flavored Britain. In June 2017 Bermuda will host the Copa América, in an edition in which the US will defend its title. Its temperate climate and favorable winds make it the ideal setting for the competition; And for an upcoming trip.


In 2017 Mongolia will build a brand new airport in its capital, a state-of-the-art facility that symbolizes the country’s rapid modernization. Ulan Bator has been the maximum beneficiary of the economic boom, and in its transformed urban profile, tower of steel and crystal have emerged. At the center of all this development, there will be an idyllic $ 500 million urban complex with a hotel of 290 rooms, an IMAX cinema and a Hard Rock Café, which will be completed in 2016. Beyond the capital, there is the spectacular Mongolian countryside, presided over Lake Ubsugul, the blue pearl of Asia. In 2015 the lake and Ulaanbaatar were connected by an asphalted road that reduces the journey to 10 hours.


It has been the star of Arabia for a long time, and now, with more flights than ever and premier hotels everywhere, the Sultanate is ready to accelerate the march again. Luxury accommodation, including the award-winning Six Senses duo on the Musandam peninsula and the Alila resort in the Al Hayar Mountains and large exclusive hotel chains such as Anantara and Kempinski, among others, are scheduled to open in the near future . However, the construction boom does not stop: the Majarat Oman, a futuristic family theme park, with a cost of 120 million dollars, will open in 2017.


Ancient Burma had longed for change, and the choice of the first civilian government in half a century has all eyes set on the future. No one believes that Myanmar’s problems have disappeared, but everything is moving in the right direction, and the most hermetic country in Southeast Asia is ready to receive tourists again. To visit it involves certain challenges, but the reward is the window that offers a fading Asia, where the difficulties of the trip are part of its attraction, and where life moves to the timeless rhythm of the monk singers and monastery bells.


With a particular calendar (there is no other place in the world with 13 months of sun), as well as time, writing, language, cuisine, church and coffee, Ethiopia is a country of the most exotic. And whether the travelers explore the Simen mountains to see animals that are found nowhere else on Earth, ascend a church excavated on a remote cliff in Tigray, or sail by the calm waters of Lake Tana, they will marvel at the beauty of landscapes. In 2017 a new airline will make the country more accessible than ever, so why not be the first to board?

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