Luxury Maldives Hotel: Hotel Soneva Fushi

Discover the Maldives archipelago: a unique journey through the pristine beauties of the Indian Ocean.

In this article you will find detail information staying at the Soneva Fushi Hotel , located in the Baa Atoll, one of the most famous in the Maldives and considered one of the best hotels to stay in the region!

When to go to the Maldives?

December through April is the driest season in the Maldives with the least possibility of rain, but everyone is emphatic in saying that you can visit it all year round and that even in the rainy season it is possible to enjoy days of great heat and sun.

The prices increase considerably in the last weeks of the year and this is valid not only for the lodging, but also for the trips that can even double the price with the approach of the dates of the holidays at the end of the year.

How to get to the Maldives

The starting point to visit any hotel in the Maldives is the capital Malé and there are many flights and options to reach this paradise. It is possible to travel from major European capitals such as Paris and Rome with direct flights, but also possible to fly from the capital of Thailand, Bangkok, on a direct flight of approximately 4 hours with Bangkok Airways .

How to get to the Hotel Soneva Fushi

One of the main attractions of Hotel Soneva Fushi is the hydroplane ride! These transportation made with hydroplane are more expensive than those made by boat or normal plane (in the last week of December can reach a thousand dollars!), But it is an experience that stays forever in the memory!

The seaplane routes last around 40 minutes, pass fast, are safe and the view they provide makes you forget any fear! On this short trip you can get an idea of ​​what the real Maldives are, by visualizing the dozens of islands and corals with incredible shades of blue! As seaplanes fly relatively low, the view impresses even more! Does it make a difference to have this view to get to the Hotel? Does!

” No news, no shoes “

After the seaplane flight, it is necessary to take a boat that takes you to the hotel in less than 5 minutes. As soon as you arrive at Soneva , they advise you to remove the shoes and the rule throughout the stay is clear: foot on the ground and contact with nature.

It is a different experience as some hotels in the Maldives do not allow you to enter restaurants for dinner without shoes and long pants. In a heavenly place like this, I believe there is no better feeling than not worrying about dress or something.

Island Transfer & Transportation

The island of the Soneva Fushi Hotel is very large and the transfer between the different areas is done by bicycle, which each guest receives personalized with the initials of his name. The signage is great and in a short time you can learn the correct directions for each restaurant or region of the island.

The Soneva has a very good structure, with several restaurants, gym, spa and an area for recycling of trash. The hotel’s footprint is totally eco-friendly with solar power generation, electric cars and recycling of virtually everything that is produced in it.

The Baa Atoll is considered by UNESCO as World Biosphere Reserve due to the rich marine life found here. The visibility of the water is so impressive, that it is easy to spend hours snorkeling without realizing that time has passed. All the material for this activity is obviously provided by the hotel as well as guidelines on the best regions to see marine life.

Out of all the hotels in the Maldives, Soneva Fushi has one of the best service: they provide a person who takes care of their entire stay, called “Mr. Friday “and that makes it possible for you to have the best experience. It is also worth mentioning about the chocolate and ice cream rooms, which are open 24 hours a day and are a real temptation (forget the diet!).

Restaurants of the Hotel Soneva Fushi

There are 3 main restaurants in Soneva Fushi. The Mihiree Mithaa serves as a buffet and it is also offered the breakfast with the largest variety of fruits and salads.

Out of the Blue is a newly opened restaurant that opened its doors in the middle of the year 2018. They offer Japanese and Thai food as well as the possibility of dining admiring starry skies (worth dinner upstairs!) .

Fresh in the Garden offers dishes made with organic products grown on the island itself. There is also a telescope with an astronomer that guides you to see the constellations after dinner. Incredible, eh?

Other activities to enjoy and relax

In addition to the extremely exclusive location, other experiences offered by Soneva Fushi also enchant all guests expectations who visit the hotel.

Cocktail on the sandbar during Sunset

In less than 10 minutes it is possible to arrive by boat on the nearby sandbar, where various types of drinks and snacks are offered. After this cocktail, the Asian Market offers buffet of several countries of the region and very exotic foods!

Visit to the sandbar during the day

This area is one of the most beautiful on the island because of the different shades of blue found here. And for the colors to become even more impressive, it makes all the difference to visit it in the morning, when the sunlight is stronger. Depending on the time you decide to visit it, you can spend hours here alone and live the experience of having an island “just for you”.

Cinema Paradiso: once a week it is possible to enjoy an open-air cinema, generally being offered two options of movies.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the villas of Soneva Fushi : there are no villas on the water, but the accommodations are not to be forgotten. There are several types of villas and some are available for sale, inclusive!

To own a little piece of this paradise you need to shell out the equivalent of 3 million dollars. The person who gets a buyer is entitled to a commission for the sale, plus other benefits for a future stay.

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